Game webdesigns like on dkarts or unsimpledesign

Hi, i am from Czech Republic and i am interesting about style of webdesign like on

Have this style of design some name or something? I am writing here, because i don't find some

sources or something on another sites then Russia. Seems for me like Russian designers are only one,

who know how to do this things and i actually find only this site, which seems to be maybe good source.

Question 1: Can you please give me some links of other russian sites, where could be tutorials or sources or where

are ppl interesting in this?

Question 2: Is good to buy tablet for making things like in that picture the end of papyrus?

PS. Sorry for my bad english. All of your answers will be very helpful for me. Thx.

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Spielberg? Fuck you Spielberg! (c) а если по чесноку, то так пиариться тупо


Второй уже чех, ТД набирает там популярность?)


по моему баян)


The second is Czech, TD is gaining popularity there?)
I don't know, i find link to TD on other russian site.


Россиа in all of it's glory =)


Блин, а разве есть другие сайты кроме, техдизайнера?:pnk: